221271Second to last in the Resident Evil series.  I don’t know what exactly happened here, I started reading Code: Veronica back in Dec 2014, after mixing up my order and reading the final book before this time.  I tried to rad it back then for for whatever reason I couldn’t do it.  So I put it aside for a few months and lo and behold I get through it in a day.

Claire Redfield has been captured by Umbrella and is taken to yer another one of their facilities, this one on an island ruled by a psychopath with split personality disorder and an unhealthy interest in his twin sister.  Claire escapes after an attack on the island destroys a lot of the buildings and tuns into a fellow prisoner intent on escape.

A young, male prisoner.  Wink wink.

So from a semi-deserted island to a lab in the south pole, evading the insane twins -one a sociopath, one a shape shifting fiend- all along the way, biding her time and trying to stay alive until big brother Chris shows up, Claire has her hands full to say the least.

But as usual it all works out in the end.

And this we close one chapter n my reading life.  We laughed, we cried, we got a wee bit turned around in the end, but we made it through the Resident Evil series together.

Kinda satisfying isn’t it?  Considering practically all my other books are parts of ongoing series…

Speaking of which, yet another Realms book up next.  Don’t think I’ll run out those any time soon.  Just finishing up the Counselors and Kings trilogy with Wizard War by Elaine Cunningham.

291720The exciting conclusion to the latest Elaine Cunningham trilogy.
“The Wizardwar “completes the Forgotten Realms Counselors & Kings trilogy, which deals with characters and events in the kingdom of Halruaa. The order of counselors described throughout the series is unique to Halruaa and to this trilogy, thus making this set of titles the only place Forgotten Realms fans can find information on these characters and this setting.