291720Well here’s a nice change of pace.  A happy ending where the boy doesn’t get the girl.

So Matteo and Tzigone are on a final leg of their adventure here in the last installment of the Counselors and Kings trilogy.

The invading army has been defeated but the orchestrator behind the chaos, Kiva the disgraced elven Magehound, is far from finished with the wizards of Halruaa.  She visits the elemental plane of water and returns to Halruaa with a two centuries old necromancer n tow and a desire to wipe Halruaa off the face of Faerun.

A task she would have accomplished it Tzigone and Matteo had  not uncovered the truth of their heritage.

Apparently bck in the day their current king, the necromancer, an another wizard were the best of friends and forged a red crystal to preserve them and their descendants that would only be destroyed by the same.

Yeah…a dn guess who Tzigone’s daddy is?  Dun dun duuuuuunnnn….

Anyways a really good read, and i loved how Tzigone and Matteo didn’t fall all over themselves in love in the end.  There were some points where you thought Matteo was leaning that way, but in the end they simply remained friends, albeit the best of them.  That was pretty awesome.

Next book on the docket is the next in a long, long series.  Bearers of the Black Staff, first in the Legends of Shannara series, a series that has spanned decades of my life.

However before we dive into that, the next few posts will be a world overview (this series is 20 books long and still going) and a reading list.  Only fair to catch you all up before tossing you into the deep end of the pool lol.

7302794Five hundred years have passed since the devastating demon-led war that tore apart the United States, nearly exterminating humankind. Those who escaped the carnage and blight were led to sanctuary by the boy savior known as the Hawk. In an idyllic valley, its borders warded by powerful magic against the horrors beyond, humans, Elves, and mutants alike found a place they believed would be their home forever.

But after five centuries, the unimaginable has come to pass: The cocoon of protective magic surrounding the valley has vanished. When the only surviving descendant of the Knights of the Word detects unknown predators stalking the valley, he fears the worst.

Together the last bearer, two young Trackers, and a daring Elf princess race to spread word of the encroaching danger  and spearhead plans to defend their ancestral home. But suspicion and hostility among their countrymen threaten to doom their efforts from within.