10199908Little bit disappointed with this one at the end, but overall I liked it.

We pick up shortly after Bearer of the Black Staff left off: Sider Ament dead, Panterra Que still beside him fighting with himself over weather or not he should take up the black staff.  In the end he does, as we all expected him to, in order to help defend the valley against the Troll invasion.

Prue Liss is still on the outside of the valley, hunted by Trolls and is the first to encounter one of the last demons before being spirited away by the King of the Silver River and tasked with protecting Panterra Que and helping him defeat the demon when it comes calling.

Because the demon is one -if not the last- hunter of the black staff bearers, a job it thought completed centuries ago, until Sider Ament first stepped outside his valley home and the demon was alerted to the presence of the last black staff bearer and resumed it’s hunt.

But with a little help from his friends, Panterra is triumphant even if he doesn’t like what it costs both him and Prue in the end, for help from a faerie creature always comes with a price.

Oddly enough Legends of Shannara only has the two books, Bearers and Measure. I feel like it could have done with a third one, especially since Panterra is supposed to lead the people of the valley out into the wide world. Would have been nice to see him settle the men in the South of the Four Lands.

Ah well.  Can’t always get what you want.  But maybe our intrepid elven tomb guard-turned-sorcerer will have better luck.  Continuing on with The Siege, second in Return of the Arch Wizards trilogy, next.

291483For Evereska, the last elven refuge on Faerun, it’s a battle for survival.

For the Chosen of Mystra, it’s a potent rival for their goddess’s dominion over magic.

For the human realms of Faerun, it’s a permanent shift in the balance of power.

For a lost race of powerful archwizards, it’s a flying mountain they call home.