13265092Picking up a hundred years after the end of High Druid trilogy, and centuries after the end of Legends of Shannara, we are introduced to the druids of the Fourth Druid Order: three elves Khyber, Pleysia, and Aphenglow; two humans Bombax and Carrick; one dwarf Seersha.  A small order but dedicated to their calling despite the distrust and alienation the Druids have been facing since the fabled Ilse Witch, Grianne Ohmsford, created the Third Druid Order and became it’s Ard Rhys or leader.

Magic is dying in the Four Lands, or at least losing prominence as science beginds to take over again.  Young Aphenglow Elessidel, granddaughter to the Elven king and disowned by her people for becoming a Druid, has found a clue to reclaiming those most fabled of lost magical artifacts: The Elfstones.

Not the blue ones of course, but four other sets, lost to Darklings for the foolish love of an ancient princess far in the elves past.

So the Druids -all of them- set off on this epic undertaking to locate the missing stones, leaving Paranor ripe for an attack from the Federation’s latest magic hating Prime Minister.

Which fails of course, given the power in the druids well and the wards Grianne Ohmsford placed on the fortress.

Honestly, I enjoyed Wards of Faerie better than I was expecting.  I had to slog through the High Druid trilogy so each new book I picked up lately I’ve been afraid would be the same.  So far I’m wrong, and glad of it.

And now we’ll be finishing off the Return of the Archwizards trilogy with The Scorcerer next.

285260In the blasted ruins of Tilverton, demons stalk the shadows.

In Evereska and Cormyr, alliances crumble.

In the sun-baked desert of Anauroch, an empire of darkness is established.

In the soul of a tortured elf, the future is decided.