15808414Finally we get the story of what happened to Leesil, Mageriere, and Chap when they went to the Northern Wastes to hide the orb they had found, but they got more than they bargained for when Margiere essentially gets called to the lair of another Ancient Undead and they find yet another orb of the enemy.

Chap discovers a ground breaking secret about the orbs hat he doesn’t share with anyone yet, we also discover the reason why Margiere is losing control of her dhampir half so easily, and all this is intertwined around the back story of their latest companions: an elven assassin Brot’an and a young lost elven girl.

So the current storyline doesn’t really progress aside from taking care of the last group of assassins following them and we learn more about the divide between Most Aged Father and the dissonant elves unhappy with his rule.

Only downside is the newest young lady companion seems a lot like Wynne, all whining and no spine.  And while that’s fine in small doses, anything more than that and I’m going to come to loath this new one just as much.

Anyways.  Back to Mercy’s world. Couldn’t stay away for long, could I? Lol.  Blood Bound is next.

285205Under the rule of science, there are no witch burnings allowed, no water trials or public lynchings. In return, the average law-abiding, solid citizen has little to worry about from the things that go bump in the night. Sometimes I wish I was an average citizen…

Mechanic Mercy Thompson has friends in low places-and in dark ones. And now she owes one of them a favor. Since she can shapeshift at will, she agrees to act as some extra muscle when her vampire friend Stefan goes to deliver a message to another of his kind.

But this new vampire is hardly ordinary-and neither is the demon inside of him.