1412138All about the fae in this one one folks.

When Mercy’s oldest, dearest friend and mentor, an iron fae name Zee gets arrested and framed for a murder he didn’t commit, she does everything in her power to save him even as the most powerful in the fae are doing their best to bury him and use him as a scapegoat.  Sacrifice him on the alter of public opinion and hunt the real culprits at their leisure.

The vampires lie low with this one, with Stephen mysteriously absent and the local Alpha Adam pushing harder for Mercy’s affections.  Saving grace of all this is that Samuel and Mercy are finally able to settle their feelings for each other so Mercy can move on if she chooses.

But a big ol’ monkey wrench is thrown into that plan.  Turns out a human as been using fae artifacts with an accomplice whom he murdered (and Zee is now framed for) and uses one of them to drug Mercy into compliance and rape her.

A rape which is subsequently recorded and watched by Adam, Samuel, a Grey Lord, Zee, most of Adam’s pack, a senator, and half of the United Stated of America after it makes the news.  Fun times.

But the good guys always win in the end, and in this case Mercy was able to spread her rapist’s brains all over the floor of her garage shortly after he was done with her.

Hard to read at times, bit of a difficult ending as she and Adam have just decided to give it a go before her rape, but overall a good story.

Next, going back a fair way to the third in the Band of Four series by Ed Greenwood: The Dragon’s Ascension

49382Aglirta is known as the Kingless Land. Once a prosperous and peaceful river valley, it has fallen into lawlessness, and its feuding baronies are engaged in a constant state of war. But the land is kingless no more, for the Sleeping King of legend, King Kelgrael, has been reawakened by the efforts of the valiant Band of Four.

Yet peace has not returned. In The Kingless Land, high magic and wizard kings stood in the way, while in The Vacant Throne, civil wars and backstabbing barons resisted the restoration of order.

Now, a powerful warlord comes to the front to take control through military might, while the diabolic minions of the Serpent move into position for a climactic battle that will scar the Band of Four forever.