3128411The vampires are back in Bone Crossed.  After dumping Stephan’s charred and tortured almost-corpse in Mercy’s lap, the Mistress of the local seethe is making it clear her sights are set on Mercy.

But a ‘chance’ encounter of an old friend with a ghost problem gets Mercy out of town for a few days and into the arms of a master vampire known as the Monster who can borrow the powers of the creatures he drinks from, and wants to add Mercy to his menagerie.  Trust her to catch the interest of the only vampire in that city…

Mercy comes home after a few days away and is essentially on trial for the deaths of the two vampires she killed in Blood Bound, only to be snatched again and taken to the Monster’s humble abode to be fed upon for years.  At least until a magic walking stick and a fellow prisoner help her bust out so the grand total of time she spent as a prisoner was a few days.  A week at most.

Mercy and Adam finally hook up, despite Mercy dealing with the after effects of her rape and having panic attacks every other page.  They also form their mate bond in an attempt for Adam to save Mercy from Stephen accidentally taking control of her again when he wakes up from his coma and panics that he cannot feel the people in his menagerie -people Stephen look upon and pets if nothing else.

But in the end the bad vampires are dead, Mercy is part of Adam’s pack, an attempted coup of the vampire seethe is thwarted, the fae are quiet for now and not demanding things of her, so all is as right as it can be for Mercy and her kin.

817393Spanning three generations, this historical novel tells the tale of Boudicca, the most famous warrior of ancient Britain, and Caradoc, the son of a Celtic king, who sets out to unite the people of the Raven and lead them against Rome. Caradoc’s objective is not easily accomplished as the Roman army advances into Britain, raping Celtic women and burning villages to the ground. His efforts are also met with fierce opposition from Aricia, the vain queen of a northern tribe who swears allegiance to the Romans after Caradoc slights her, and from Gladys, Caradoc’s warrior sister who falls in love with her Roman captor. Unfortunately, Caradoc’s endeavors are left unresolved when he is taken prisoner, but Boudicca, a strong-willed woman, ultimately takes up the cause that was Caradoc’s legacy.