8087906Wedding bells are ringing for Mercy and Adam, though not in the way either of them were expecting.  You know how people have surprise parties?  Well when Mercy starts getting cold feet on planning a wedding, her friends and family take it out of her hands and throw her a surprise wedding complete with church, decorations, cake, dress, and all.

Then it’s off for a camping honeymoon with Uncle Mike’s trailer at a campground where a prophetic fae thought it would be a good idea for them to vacation for a bit.

And it’s a lovely spot. Quiet, peaceful, lovely trees, sparkling river, carnivorous otterkin and the millennia old Native American river monster that they awakened to feast on human flesh and make them stronger.

Yes, a lovely honeymoon all around and just another day in Mercy’s life.

Good thing though, since this is a Native American monster she deals with, Mercy is able to meet up with other walkers -shapeshifters as they prefer- and meets Coyote himself along with other great sprits such as Thunderbird, Wolf, Hawk, Bear, etc.

Mercy also finds out who her ‘real’ daddy if, kinda.  The walking stick gains a bloodthirsty and almost evil sentience when she used it to kill the river monster.  And at the end of it all Mercy is battered, bruised, and stuck in a wheelchair for a few months.  Bloody hell.  At least she and Adam made it out alive.

Dawn of Night, second in the Erevis Cale trilogy is next.

291554The shadows recede from a lost temple in a forgotten wilderness.

The sun rises on a new calling for a man as loyal as he is mysterious.

The day’s beginning finds Erevis Cale holding in his steady hands more power than he dared hope for – and more responsibility than he ever imagined.

For now, he will have to put his trust in a god served by thieves and born of chaos.