13413589A Black Friday shopping trip for Mercy and Jesse goes horribly wrong when Jesse asks Mercy about kids, causing a panic attack and a subsequent car crash.  Thankfully they’re ok, but when they call for rescue all of the pack and associates are MIA.  Turns out rogue government agents have kidnapped Adam, the pack, and are holding hostage several pack associates.  All because of a vampire power play.

One of the pack is lost to them forever, Stephen the vampire shows up to save the day, and when Mercy finally figures out what’s up she gets to face off against a necromancer vampire able to take control of all forms of undead, from vampires to ghosts and everything in-between.

He can also eat ghosts to heal himself.  Yummy.

We also get a hint that Tad is more powerful than he seems, which can be a good or bad thing depending on who has this information.

Fae bounty hunters, necromancer vampires, rogue government agents AND Mercy drawing silver from Adam and the pack into herself then spewing it all over a bedroom floor leaves for another interesting addition to Mercy Thompson’s life.

This girl just doesn’t do ‘normal’.

Going to check out what the Shannara folks are up to now.  Bloodfire Quest is coming up next.

15743703The quest for the long-lost Elfstones has drawn the leader of the Druid order and her followers into the hellish dimension known as the Forbidding, where the most dangerous creatures banished from the Four Lands are imprisoned. Now the hunt for the powerful talismans that can save their world has become a series of great challenges: a desperate search for kidnapped comrades, a relentless battle against unspeakable predators, and a grim race to escape the Forbidding alive. But though freedom is closer than they know, it may come at a terrifying price.

Back in the village of Arborlon, the mystical, sentient tree that maintains the barrier between the Four Lands and the Forbidding is dying. And with each passing day, as the breach between the two worlds grows larger, the threat of the evil eager to spill forth and wreak havoc grows more dire. The only hope lies with a young Druid, faced with a staggering choice: cling to the life she cherishes or combat an army of darkness by making the ultimate sacrifice.