17562900Last of the Mercy Thompson series to date, and I admit I have greatly enjoyed this series.

Mercy has about all she can take here when Adam’s ex Christy comes calling, claiming she has a violent stalker.  And she does, but because she likes to play mind games and the ‘woe is me’ card, she doesn’t give the wolves all they need to protect her from harm.

So her stalker -who turns out to be a volcano god older than Coyote- turns up and nearly wipes the floor with Mercy and thankfully Adam gives Christy a verbal bitch slap that I would give anything to read.  But I’m just vindictive like that.

Mercy finds out again that she’s not as alone as she runs into a half brother who is also a powerful seer.  A friend of hers is enslaved to the volcano god.  Her husband’s ex is trying to run her out of her home.  And on top of all that, a Grey Lord is looking for the temperamental walking stick Mercy gifted to Coyote at the end of River Marked.

Little bit of anticlimactic ending here though.  There was no great ‘eureka!’ moment where everything fits into place and Mercy was able to figure things out.  Instead it seemed like she tried something random that she hoped would work and thankfully did.  Otherwise she would have been too dead for Coyote to heal her broken neck.

But that’s ok.  The walking stick helps her get around the hospital room just fine…

Finishing up the Erevis Cale trilogy with Midnight’s Mask next.  Woo!

291488The shadows deepen in every corner of the Realms.

The sun no longer shines on a man who has embraced the darkness within him.

The day’s opposite finds Erevis Cale so far along the path away from his own humanity, he may never again walk as a man.

In the end, to be Chosen by a god like Mask is more curse than blessing…