291488Well this was rather pointless.  The Erevis Cale trilogy comes to a rather anticlimactic ending here in Midnight’s Mask, although I do think I see an opening for the Twilight War trilogy.

After being betrayed by Riven, Cale Jak and Mags continue on to foil the dire plot of the Sojourner and his Slaadi brood.  Through the Underdark, the Plane of Shadow, and across the seas of Faerun Cale and friends track the Slaadi to keep the Sourjourner from creating the Crown of Flame.  One of the companions die and we learn a bit of the convoluted double cross, but in the end the Slaadi and their master are defeated, sadly not before they can keep the Sojourner from creating the Crown of Flame.

And what is the Crown of Flame?  A bloody eclipse.

All these plots, plans, deaths, all so the Soujourner could create an eclipse and walk on sandy veaches in it’s shadows like he did in his youth.  Like wtf? All that just because he wanted to?  Because he could?  No other rhyme or reason?  Kinda lame.

But I see where Twilight War might fit in.  In order to create enough power to force the eclipse, the Sojourner tapped into a sentient Netherese mythal, a mythal that was trapped in the forehead of a kraken and called out for help after centuries of dormancy.  I can only assume the last functioning Netherese enclave Shade will answer the call, but only time will tell.

Until that time, we’re going to check out Shifting Shadows. An anthology of stories from Mercy Thompson’s world.

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