2355575Just like it says, first in the Alpha and Omega series, Cry Wolf focuses on some people we met in the Mercy Thompson series, specifically in the Marrok’s pack in Aspen creek with Charles and Anna playing starring roles.

Cry Wolf is very much an intro story.  Charles has brought Anna from her abusive pack in Chicago to Bran’s pack in Montana and the whole thing is about them overcoming the abuse she suffered and creating their mating bond.

But in and around that they have to search around the mountains and forests of Aspen Creek to find a rogue wolf who has been attacking humans.  Charles, being Bran’s enforcer, is sent on the hunt.  Anna, being an Omega werewolf and Charles’ mate, gets to go with him.  And while they find a rogue wolf, it’s not the one they’re looking for.  That one is actually the bound spirit of another werewolf who was the mate of Asil the Moor and is now tied in servitude to a black witch.  The same witch Asil and his mate took in and fostered, and who turned on them both, torturing Asil’s mate before binding her into a guardian spirit.

Complicated much?

But thanks to Anna being an Omega, a wolf neither dominant or submissive and with the ability to soothe other wolves around her, most everyone manages to live and Anna and Charles begin their happily ever after.

Ending was a bit abrupt though.  Big boss battle with the black witch ended a lot faster and simpler than I was expecting.  But otherwise it was really good.

Up next, going to go on a bit of a Realms kick, starting off with first of the Lost Empires series, Star of Cursrah.

291734Lurking in the ruins is a horrific tale of greed, power, and revenge.
The Protector crawls forth, the shade of a dead city whose rulers refuse to die, and young companions in two distant epochs learn of a dreadful destiny they cannot escape . . .
. . . and a deadly threat to all they hold dear.