5292853Second in the Alpha and Omega series, we’re taken back a few years from the end of the Mercy Thompson series to when the Marrok decides to bring the wolves out to the public and essentially has a wolf-moot where all the Alphas get together to discuss their fears of coming out and wrangle assistance from the Marrok in doing so.  But instead of the Marrok, Charles and Anna are on the scene dealing with dominant wolves a devious Grey Lord out for blood, and a mad Alpha who thinks he’s King Arthur reincarnated.

Anna is almost kidnapped twice and used as a instrument of destruction for the aforementioned Grey Lord after they make a dead woman sit up and talk, Charles is almost framed for murder and killed and almost killed due to a death curse placed on him by the same Grey Lord who only wants her sword back, and all in all their lives are looking as normal as Mercy’s right now.

One thing I like about Anna though is that she’s really smart.  She can read a room and deduce very well what’s happened based on people’s body language and the feel of the room itself.  Almost but nott quite Sherlock-ian in nature.  I think she watches too many cop shows lol.

All in all I’m really liking how Alpha and Omega looks to be turning out.  But only time will tell how the whole series plays out.  In the meantime back to the Realms with The Nether Scroll.

62460Ansoain has been murdered, and her son Galimer taken hostage.
Druhallen, a young magic user, must avenge the murder of his teacher and rescue her son from a dubious fate. But not everyone is telling Druhallen the truth.
Druhallen and his companions must brave the ruins of Dekanter to find a missing artifact . . . the Nether Scroll.
Without the Nether Scroll Galimer may die. With it Druhallen may go mad.