7942786I really like how this series starts with a little side story at the beginning of each book that usually ties into the main plot.  This installment is also where we get a full accounting as to why all the fae pick up stakes and retreat to the reservations.  And I admit they have a good reason.

A serial killer has been running amok for several decades, targeting mostly human victims, but when he ups his game to the supernatural prey of fae and the recently outed werewolves, Bran is forced to send in Charles and Anna to help the authorities investigate.

But it may not have been such a hot idea to send Charles.  Haunted by the ghosts of those he’s killed, Charles is close to losing it and in an effort to protect Anna he shuts down their mate bond and almost costs her her life.

Of course with the help of their friends and each other they pull through.  And once of the victims they save from this serial killing family trio is a Grey Lord’s daughter.  But it was the aquittal of her only surviving rapist and would be murderer that caused the rift.  Daddy dearest -none other than Gwynn ap Lugh- didn’t take too kindly to the human justice system that failed his daughter and lopped off the head of her rapist who happened to be a senator’s son, and he did it in full view of looooots of witnesses and TV cameras…

Thus the fae exodus begins…

Going to be interesting to see the werewolf side of things from here on out.  But until then let’s try and finish up the Lost Empires saga.  Lost Library of Cormanthyr next.

716340Is it just a myth? Or does it still stand . . . somewhere in the most ancient corners of Faerun?
An intrepid human explorer sets out to find the truth and what starts as an archaeological expedition soon becomes a race against time as an undying avenger is determined to protect the secrets of the ancient, xenophobic elven empire of Cormanthyr.
Lost Empires is a bold new series that uncovers the secrets of the lost, ancient Forgotten Realms world.