716340An archeological treasure hunt for a massive library full of magic, books, and artifacts.  Of course I’m going to like Lost Library of Cormanthyr.

The only kinda surprising thing is the main character and the fact that he’s a ranger with a highly intelligent azmyth bat companion.  Upon retrospect it makes sense, having someone with a love of outdoor spaces and a wanderlust as the main character.  In other words, a ranger.  But this ranger is unique in that he has a fascination of and for history.  At first it was rather surprising because when one first things of rangers, they think of druids only with less magic and more martial skill.  Whereas here we have a well learned ranger with a penchant for scholarly pursuits and intrigue.

Anyways, this ranger is names Baylee and he was raised by an archeologist wizard which is probably where the love of history was acquired.  The two men had not spoken in months when the wizard is murdered by drow for peeking at the breadcrumbs of a new treasure hunt.  Baylee of course, picks up where his mentor left off and rushes off to find the treasure and vengeance.

Both are mostly achieved.  The drow is killed and the library found.  But the library is guarded by a mad lich and in the last moments he’s able to thwart everyone attempting to recover the ancient repository of learning.  Thankfully Baylee is not discouraged, for the library still exists and so long as he lives he will continue the search.

Quite an enjoyable read with drow, hobgoblins, liches, Baelnorns, pirates, enslaved whale pods, treasure beyond measure, stone golems, and a sarcastic asmyth bat.  Fun, funny, fast paced and intriguing.  Glad I was able to finally get to it.

Speaking of finally getting to things, we’re going to finally finish up the Dark Legacy of Shannara trilogy with Witch Wraith next.

15743711For centuries the Four Lands enjoyed freedom from its demon-haunted past, protected by magic-enhanced borders from the dark dimension known as the Forbidding and the profound evil imprisoned there. But now the unthinkable is happening: The ancient wards securing the barrier between order and mayhem have begun to erode—and generations of bloodthirsty, monstrous creatures, fueled by a rage thousands of years in the making, are poised to spill forth, seeking revenge for what was done to them.

Young Elf Arling Elessedil possesses the enchanted means to close the breach and once more seal the denizens of the Forbidding in their prison. But when she falls into the hands of the powerful Federation’s diabolical Prime Minister, her efforts may be doomed. Only her determined sister, Aphen, who bears the Elfstones and commands their magic, has any hope of saving Arling from the hideous fate her captor has in store.

Meanwhile, Railing Ohmsford—desperate to save his imprisoned brother—seeks to discover if his famed but ill-fated ancestor Grianne is still alive and willing to help him save the world . . . no matter the odds or the consequences.