40222First in a two part series by Jaqueline Carey, we’re introduced to a world ruled by seven gods born from the death of an elder, each bequeathed with one gift -love, thought, desire, etc, that they bestowed upon the races each of them created to populate the land formed from the body of the elder god.  After the eldest of the seven fought with the third born, the eldest tore the world in two, separating the third born from his siblings and his gift.

The whole story is basically sibling rivalry on a world scale.  Big brother didn’t get what he wanted from little brother so he had a temper tantrum and broke his toy.  But the rivalry doesn’t stop there.  Big bro spread all these lies and rumors to turn all the races of the world against younger brother, and even created a prophecy to bring little bro down.

Interesting viewpoint so far.  We see things from little brother’s point of view: a god villified by his siblings that most all mortals fear and despise and actively try to destroy by fulfilling the prophecy big bro created.  And all he wants is to be left in peace.

Well, as far was we know that’s all he wants.  Book two, Godslayer, could give us a different opinion…

I do like the races and the characters depicted here though.  They’re very lively and interesting.  You have humans, dragons, a version of elves, orcs, and dwarves all unique to this world setting, putting a different spin on well known races which is always a good thing.

Up next we’re going to start going into some of Patricia Brigg’s older works, starting with the Hob’s Bargain.

285209Hated and feared, magic was banished from the land. But now, freed from the spells of the wicked bloodmages, magic—both good and evil—returns. And Aren of Fallbrook feels her own power of sight strengthen and grow…

Overcome by visions of mayhem and murder, Aren vows to save her village from the ruthless raiders who have descended upon it—and killed her family. With the return of wildlings to the hills and forests, she strikes a bargain with the Hob, a magical, human-like creature imbued with the power of the mountains. But the Hob is the last of his kind. And he will exact a heavy price to defend the village—a price Aren herself must pay…