19855First in the Song and Swords series by Elain Cunningham, Elfshadow follows a young half elf Arilyn Moonblade as she undergoes training as an elven assassin, and later freelances as a Harper agent. But the Harpers have troubles of their own right now.  Someone is killing them off and timing it perfectly with jobs Arilyn does for them.

So of course when time comes to point fingers guess who’s in everyone’s crosshairs. Thankfully though, everyone’s favorite archmage the Blackstaff, has also taken an interest in our young hero and sends his ‘nephew’ Danilo Thann to watch and guard her.  An apparent Waterdhavian fop with a talent for miscast spells and putting his foot in his mouth, his outlandish clothes and comical manner only serve to hide a brave heart and cunning mind.

A forgotten gate, a broken moonblade, a dead elven princess, the murder of a monarch, and the assassinations of the members of an organization dedicated to good.  All are tied together in a web of secrets and lies that Arilyn and Danilo must try to untangle to discover the truth of things before it’s too late.

But that’s another tale for another time.

Onwards and upwards with Godslayer, sequel to Banewreaker next.

40220Once human but now immortal, Supreme Commander Lord Tanaros fled the realm of Men and chose darkness when he killed his adulterous wife and his liege king who cuckholded him. A thousand years have passed in service to his master, the dark god Satoris. The world view Satoris as Evil Prime and the name of Tanaros is the byword for treachery.

The races have united in their quest to rid the world of the Dark God and his minions. The key to the prophecy is the beautiful Elvish princess Cerelinde–and Satoris has captured her.

Yet not all tales told are true and evil may have another face. Satoris refuses to act like the monster that he is made out to be for he recognizes in Cerelinde a spark of the love that he once bore for his fellow gods. But this spark of light might prove to be a danger to Satoris…and a greater danger for Tanaros and all that he holds dear. For Cerelinde might remind him that the heart that he willed to iron an eon ago is still very much mortal.