123408First in the Hurog duology by Patricia Biggs, Dragon Bones is an interesting story to say the least.  Hurog itself is a the ancient name for dragon in this world setting, and our hero Ward is the most recent in a long line to bear the name Hurogmeton: dragon guardian.  But Ward is not all he seems.  For fear of his father, Ward has been acting as a simpleton for many years, an act that gets him declared unfit to rule when his father dies.  In an attempt to escape the lunatic asylum, Ward runs with a handful of trusted companions, trying to make a new name for himself so he can reclaim his home.

Things go pretty much as planned, aside from the fact that Ward has to destroy his home in order to save it by murdering the man he’s come to call brother.  A man who also happens to be one of the last dragons in Hurog.

But saving his home isn’t going to be all that easy.  A corrupt king wants nothing more than to wipe Hurog off the map politically speaking, so the only way for Ward to achieve his goals is to incite a rebellion.  But that’s another tale for another time.

Dragons, ghosts, madmen, dueling armies and an evil king are all to be found here in Dragon Bones.  I’m personally looking forward to what the second book, Dragon Blood will bring.  I have a feeling it will be worth reading, but will leave me wanting more of the world like the end of Hob’s Bargain.

Lets test out my theory shall we? Dragon Blood coming right up.

285208As the rebellion grows against High King Jakoven, Ward, ruler of Hurog, realizes he must join with the rebels. However, Jakoven can crush his enemies with dragon’s blood. The very blood that courses through Ward’s veins.