285207Another little known gem by Patricia Briggs.  Raven Shadow, first in the Raven dulogy features a new world where old magic is pitted against new, and an age old evil begins to rear it’s ugly head.

I actually like this duology better than Hurog duology so far.  We’re introduced to Seraph, one of two races of humans in this world known as Taveller, and a user of the old magic.  She meets a man of the other race and he essentially saves her from herself.  In time they marry and have three children together, all born into different factions of the old magic called Orders.

Now, having one family member in an old Order is rare enough, but when all five members are Order born in some fashion you can expect big things from them.  And this family is no different.  When the father is kidnapped by a secret order to have his magic stripped from him, his wife and children sally forth to rescue him, uncovering an insidious plot to overthrow the emperor and the fact that humanity’s greatest enemy has returned in a new form.

I think the reason why I liked it so much was because it had the same feel as Hob Mountain which I adored.  Everyone living in the shadow of a mountain, new magic against old, and defeating an ancient evil.

But we’ve been away from the Realms for far too long my friends.  Best to remedy that right quick.  And to that end we’re going back to the Song and Swords quintet with Silver Shadows by Elaine Cunningham next.

19851Arilyn Moonblade, the half-elf heroine of Elfshadow, returns to confront a evil when she is asked to save a band of wild elves from extinction, a mission that soon becomes a deep, personal struggle.