11735983Part two of the Divergent trilogy, here Triss, Tobias and the other deal with the aftermath of the events in Divergent.  After quelling the simulations controlled rebellion, Tris and company flee tot he fields of Amnity looking for shelter before being forced back into the city and essentially joining forces with the Factionless, those who failed their initiations in one way or another and were cast out of the five compounds.

Most of this is just planning the overthrow of the Erudite compound and their leader Jeannine Matthews, mastermind behind the events of Divergent.  With the help of the Factionless who just so happen to be led by Tobias’ long-thought-dead-mother, they succeed with the cost of the Factionless trying to take control.

But a startling reveal -the whole reason why their society was created in the first place- puts everything on hold and there Insurgent ends, with everyone literally frozen in a WTF moment and just about to run around in a complete panic.

Took a little bit for me to get through mostly because it was all prep work and waiting and planning to get to the action, but also because Triss and Tobias’ relationship is just painful to watch.  One minute they’re love birds, the next Tobias is flipping out on her for doing something stupid and she’s wracking herself with guilt over lying about one thing or another she did/did not do/is going to do/is not going to do.  Just…ow.  That got rather annoying after a while but in the end it wasn’t too bad.

Going to continue on with the Harper series from the Forgotten Realms with Red Magic next.

291638The third novel of the Harpers series. The Red Wizards rule Thay, perhaps the most wicked land in all the Forgotten Realms. And one of the most powerful Red Wizards wants to control more than his share of the country. The Harpers, dedicated to restoring Good, send to Thay a magic-wielding council member to help infiltrate the malevolent land. Chapter heading illustrations.