So I am currently playing in two 5th ed D&D campaigns.  I play a half wood elf ranger in one, and a human barbarian in the other.  My GM for my barbarian character is about to start a new campaign for us, but we’re not all at the same level so he’s offered an XP bonus for a short blurb on character backstory to try and get us all up to speed quickly.

My only problem with my story is that it’s too long lol!  But I liked it a lot.  So I’m posting the full version here and sending the coles notes version to my GM.

And away we go…


Born to War Cheif warrior of the nomadic Greyskull tribe, a berserker named Egil Giantslayer, Elga was as only child.  Her mother, Egil’s second wife, died in childbirth and Egil had no desire to marry for a third time.  With no sons to follow him, he trains Elga as a warrior in public, and in private teaches her the path of the berzerker. For among their tribe, female warriors are common but female berzerkers are considered almost anathema.

Elga spend her childhood training with her father in the wilderness of the ancestral lands her wandering tribe called home.  As a young warrior Egil had traveled and slew a giant single handed, earning him the moniker of Giantslayer.  He taught his daughter what he knew of the wider world, including the language of the foe he loathed so much.  For the giant he killed was the one who slew his first wife, the love of his life, whom he had met and married in his travels.  It was the death of his first wife that drove Elgin back to his tribe, to grieve and heal among his kindred, eventually meeting Elga’s mother and marrying again.

When she came of age, Elga was betrothed to the son of the chieftain of a rival tribe in hopes to form an alliance.  As was her tribe’s custom, Elga went hunting to make her wedding dress from creatures she killed by her own hand, and to come back to her people alive and whole.  Both feats would serve as proof to her betrothed that she was worthy of being his bride.  Strong enough to care for the sons she would bear him, and strong enough to defend their young and her husband’s home when the men of the tribe were gone hunting or raiding.

While she was gone, a migrating clan of lizard men came across her tribe and set upon them in the dark of night, wiping out the Greyskulls down to the last child but sustaining heavy losses themselves.  Upon returning to find the corpses of her people, Elga searches for someone, anyone, left alive but her search proves fruitless.  All she found were the tracks of the lizard men and the body of her father under a pile of dead that he took with him to the afterlife.  Elga swears vengeance on the ones that made her an orphan on the cusp of her wedding.  Donning her wedding dress and prying her father’s axe from his cold fingers, she follows the tracks of the enemy.

But she was not as careful as she should have been.  So caught up in her grief and rage, Elga is ambushed by the lizard men.  She draws on all that her father taught her about being a warrior but it isn’t enough.  Wounded, losing ground, Elga sees her end, seemingly decreed by the gods, and chooses to defy them.  She pulls on the forbidden knowledge and enters her first berserker rage, finally destroying her enemies.  Covered in the blood of her first sentient kill, armed with her memories, her father’s axe, and the intimate knowledge of the lands she grew up in, one by one she tracks the last of the lizard men.  And from each one she killed she took one trophy: a tooth.

Bloody, battered, battle weary and with a string of still-pink lined teeth around her neck, she returns to the site of the massacre to find her betrothed’s tribe had arrived for the wedding.  Elga tells them her tale and with their help is able to lay all her kinsmen to rest.  When it was done and her betrothed and his tribe were ready to depart, they invited Elga to join them, saying they would honor the betrothal as their tribe could always use a warrior like her.  And despite the stigma against female berzerkers, after hearing her tale having her as a chieftain’s wife in the future would garner them much fear and respect.  After all, they said, her tribe was dead now and best forgotten.

At those words Elga fetched her ruined wedding dress and laid it at the feet of the chieftain’s son.

“If I live, then so do they.”

Elga left her homeland that day, taking with her what little provisions she could scavenge from the ruins of her tribe, and a new name.  No longer would she be known as Elga Greyskull or Giantslayer’s daughter.  Now she was Elga Serpentbane of Greyskull.

Determined to bring honor and glory to her fallen kinsmen, she sets forth to become a legend.  For so long as her name is spoken and remembered, then she will live forever, and through her so will her fallen tribe.

Taking odd jobs here and there when she needed coin, Elga eventually crossed paths with a wizened old sage who needed a bodyguard on his travels.  Elga accompanied him in exchange for him teaching her the tongue the lizard men.  Upon seeing the sage safely to his destination, she found herself adrift with no direction to turn to.  Until she heard tales of a dangerous and mysterious island guaranteed to test the mettle of any warrior to set foot upon it.  Here, on this island, Elga sees a way to ensure her place in history and she books passage for the Isle of Dread.