43763So excited to start this series of books by Anne Rice. I have seen the movie interview with a vampire but ha yet to read any of the books until a friend of mine loaned them to me.

And so far so good. I really enjoyed this book, despite it falling short of my expectations. Anne Rice writing style is fantastic. Rich, descriptive, in depth, Christ you can practically smell the flowers on the late night southern breeze.

It was more thought provoking then I expected it to be. There’s a lot more monologue and inner dialogue then I thought there would be, everything from how a vampire compares its new senses to his mortal ones, what it means to be a vampire, what it means to be in love, be a vampire in love, and so much more.

That’s maybe why I did not enjoy it as much as i was expecting to. A lot more talking than action in it so there were moments when I was bored, despite how well written the whole thing is.

I also think I hype it up too much in my own mind so it fell a wee bit short. I’m still looking forward to the two other books I have about Armand and Lestate. Hopefully those will come off a bit better.

Until that time, we’re going to march on with the next of the Forgotten Realms Harper series with The Night Parade next.

291674When a war against the Night Parade proves too much for her, Myrmeen Lhal, the ruler of Arabel, enlists the aid of the Harpers to win her battle against this group of creatures who gain sustenance from human fear.