5153799Interesting little short story here about Zhadist, Bella, and Nalla.

 Its a few months after Nalla’s birth and Zhadist has completely withdrawn emotionally from his shellan and young for fear of his past. With the slave bands tattooed around his neck and wrists, Zhadist has a constant reminder of the childhood spend as a blood slave. A legacy he did not want to taint his daughter with.

 But Nalla knows who here father is, and knows when she’s being excluded. In an effort to do what’s best for Nalla, Bella gives Zhadist the ultimatum: shape up or we ship out.

 And of course followers of the BDB know what a hell that is for Zhadist.

 I do admit I kinda rolled my eyes at Bella threatening to leave cuz that is basically her M.O. If things get tough she runs.

 But other than that it was good. Little bit more backstory and insight into the family dynamics and relationships.

I think you can guess what we got coming up next.  Another Realms book, and another in the Harper series!  The Ring of Winter next.

291709One of the Harpers (a secret organization fighting for good) searches the jungle for a missing explorer and happens on a lost civilization–complete with dinosaurs–and the evil Cult of Frost, which tries to steal his magic ring