362051Second in the Crimson Shadow trilogy, we return to Lucien and Oliver in fair Eriador at the start of a full scale rebellion.

 And when I say start, I mean the preface of this chapter in the worlds history. Lucien and company have taken over half the city of Montefort, and after numerous skirmishes are finally able to take the last bastion of the monarchy’s resistance with a brilliant speech and awesome feat, cementing Lucien -and the Crimson Shadow- as the leader of the rebellion.

 The evil king Greensparrow (btw how can you be an EVIL king with a name like that I’ll never know) sends a force out with the spring thaw to quell the ‘minor’ uprising. But with a little planning and a lot of luck, the Cyclopian forces are defeated and Luciens army begins a march to free the whole country.

 Now, not only must Lucien work to free his homeland, but he must also free his heart. In love with two very different women Lucien must finally decide and eventually rescue his lady love from the clutches of a demon.

 Things don’t end as I personally expected them to, but it was a good ending nonetheless. I love the old fashioned feel to the book in terms of writing. Its very rich and thick without being boring. I find myself taking the time to read and process everything which is just fantastic.

Almost done with the Harper series!  We’re about halfway through now, with the Crypt of the Shadowking next.

757428The evil Zhentarim attempt to take over the richest of the Caravan Cities, and Harper agent Mari Al’Marin and ex-Harper Caledan try to foil the wicked plot.