43814Not quite what i was expecting, but overall i enjoyed the book.

Lestat starts and ends off pretty much like the movie The Queen of The Damned which threw me a wee bit for a loop at the start. Lestat wakes up in a crypt after decades of sleep by the sound of a local band rehearsing nearby who he essentially takes over and molds into superstars. The ending is essentially the concert scene from the movie where Lestat performs and all the vamps show up to take him out.

But the middle, the middle itself is intriguing as it details Lestat’s life before and after the events of Interview with a Vampire, with just a touch of his life during those events. We come to view Lestat not as a villain but more a misunderstood and tragic figure.

He spends a lot of time with Marius searching for a meaning behind his continued existence, as well as finding Akasha and forming that destined-to-be-fatal bond that we all know so well from the movie.

Little bit dry at times, but overall it offers a good insight into Lestat’s character.

Yet another Realms and Harper book coming up.  We got Soldiers of Ice next.

291710An intense, personal story of survival, a departure from the more sweeping “battle against great evil” tales that characterize the rest of the Harpers books. Journeying far north in defiance of her Harper superiors, Martine of Sembia finds herself trapped in the lonely, snowbound valley of Samek.