18775652Latest in the Immortals After Dark series, we’re taken back to The Orders island prison on the night of the great Immortal prison break. The focus here is on the sorceress Melanthe and the angelic demon warlord Thronos. Just don’t call him a demon to his face. Hes very sensitive about that…

Anyways Lanthe and Thronos were childhood sweethearts before each was seemingly betrayed by the other, and ever since then Thronos has been chasing Lanthe and shes been running. But on a small prison island there’s really no place to go so they wind up working together and eventually Lanthe is able to teleport them away from the island.

Unfortunately, they wind up in the demon realm of Pandemonium caught between two warring factions of demons by night and hungry dragons by day.

But despite threats to life and limb tbe two are slowly able to overcome decades of distrust and finally acknowledge their love for one another, even as they discover the demonic origins of Thronos people.

Dun dun duuuunnnnn…..

Looking forward to the next one. Because while Lanthe and Thronos were getting their rocks off, Nucking Futs Nix, the oldest living Valkyrie and completely off her rocker soothsayer applied to the local goddess council in order to join their ranks…

As the Goddess of Ascensions.


Speaking of boo yeah…guess what’s up next?  My 100th book for the year!  Woot!  Done with time to spare I might add.  It’s the tenth book of the Harper series Masquerades that gets the honor of being book 100 this year.  Let’s check it out shall we?

291737When Alias crosses swords with the underlings of the Lord of Westgate’s criminal guild, known as The Faceless, he vows to destroy her. Accepting the challenge, Alias gathers old allies and new. Alias becomes even more entangled in the web woven by the Faceless, a web whose silken strands are spun from intrigue, political machinations–and murder.