291737WOOT!  Just in time for Christmas, I hit my goal of 100 books for the year!  Boo yeah! Normally I would try and crack another one or two before the end of the year, but I’m distracted by other shiny things right now so I might not make it and just start up again next month with Ja No Read Mo.  But we’ll see…


We come to Westgate where Alias and Dragonbait arrive on scene and are quickly accosted by a low level pair of thugs from the infamous Night Masks thieves guild, a guild that rules Westgate in all but name.

After dealing several humiliating blows to the collective ego of the guild, Alias and Dragonbait are recruited by the nobility to combat the threat of the Night Masks and bring down their leader the Faceless.

With the help of a sage and local thespian, they’re pretty much able to do just that, althought it requires a jaunt into an inter-dimentional pocket plane which was intended to be the prison of a mad mage, and Alias gets her heart broken in the process.

It was really interesting for me reading this, as I was playing Neverwinter Nights Mysteries of Westgate at the same time and kept looking for correlations between the book and the game.  There are a few things for those who are actively looking for them and it made both reading the book and playing the game more interesting and interactive.

Yeah…I totally fan girled…

Anways that’s it for the 100th book of 2015!  But wait! There’s more!  Since we still have a wee bit of time before the year ends let’s keep the ball rolling!  I recently acquired the last few books of the Walking Dead series so let’s see if I can put aside the other shiny things long enough get through them before year’s end.  Next up: The Walking Dead Book 9

18174114In this volume of the New York Times Bestselling survival horror, Rick and his band of survivors work to build a larger network of thriving communities. But Negan and his Saviors prove to be a larger threat than they could have imagined. Crossing them will lead to The Walking Dead’s most harrowing story since the Governor’s reign of terror!