18174114As a Christmas gift to myself (in the form of giftcards from other people lol) I decided to finally catch myself up on The Walking Dead and bought books 9-12 as I already had 1-8.

Turns out, I already read 9 when I worked at Indigo.  I would read the smaller numbered volumes as they came out.  I still read it all, as it had been so long since I read any of the story, but yeah.  It was mostly just a recap for me.

Anyways, here in book nine Rick and friends have discovered a few other communities around and are trying to work with them…mostly.  They discovered the community of Hilltop which was being bullied by the ‘community’ of the Saviors.  Thugs and bad men who demanded half of everything Hilltop produced to take care of their own people.  Hilltop asks Rick and company to take care of the Saviors and their leader Negan which…doesn’t turn out very well at all.

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know that Glenn dies in the TV show.  Well this is where he dies in the graphic novels, as a way to get Rick and the others in line, and Carl stows away on the Saviors convoy in an attempt to take out Negan. Which doesn’t work very well either.

Book 9 ends essentially with Rick seeming to roll over to the Saviors and join Hilltop and another community the Kingdom.  But we all know Rick Effing Grimes don’t roll over for no one.  So it’ll be interesting to see where book 10 goes.

Speaking of….there’s still time before the New Year so let’s check out The Walking Dead Book 10.

22129926Rick’s treaty with Negan and the Saviors is pushed to the limit, as both sides march toward ALL OUT WAR!

Yeah…short and sweet…