24567929Here the last of the communities join together at Hilltop to invite an epic last stand against Negan, which he takes up and actually does something brilliant.

Rather than going in shooting and hoping to kill, Negan and his followers foul up their knives and other melee weapons in zombie gunk so that the slightest scratch will take down their opponents no matter how minor or serious the wound.  All they had to do was sit back and wait and let the disease take its course, wiping out the communities from the inside out.

Which mostly works.  Unknown to Negan, one of his men is on Rick’s side, and when there is a chance to take out Rick with a contaminated weapon, it’s switched out for a clean one so the great leader can keep on keeping on.

Which he does in trying one last time to get Negan to come over to their way of thinking, which seems to work!  Only Rick doesn’t take any chances and slices Negan’s throat to get his men to fall back and cooperate, ending the stand off between the Saviors and the other communities, and taking Negan as the first prisoner of a new civilization.

Which incidentally enough is how book 11 ends, with the communities of Alexandria, Hilltop, and the Kingdom building a new civilization.

So let’s see were that takes us in book 12.  Going to be a bit of a squeeze, but let’s try and get it done before the end of the year.


After Rick delivers Carl to Hilltop to start their new lives apart, a threat emerges from within the walker hordes that no one could expect. A threat that will leave readers speechless.
Wow…they’re really into giving it away aren’t they…