Happy New Year everyone!  It’s that time of the year again!  Ja No Read Mo 2016, where this year I try and read 14 books, beating my record of 13 last year.  Going to be a bit tight, even I admit that, but that’s what these challenges are for!  Not going to post a picture of my Mountain this year though.  I think I’ve come to accept that it will never die, but not for lack of trying lol!

Oh, and my goal for the year is 105 books since I read 104 last year.

We’re going to start Ja No Read Mo off with The Dragon King, third in the Crimson Shadow series by R.A. Salvatore.  Let’s see where this year takes us shall we?

227452In volume one of this series, “The Sword of Bedwyr”, young Luthien Bedwyr rebelled against the vicious rule of King Greensparrow and his cruel wizard-lords. In volume two, he made use of a magical cape that renders its wearer invisible–except for a lingering crimson silhouette. Now, the evil Greensparrow is back–and with a vengeance. Using dark, hideous magic, Greensparrow has taken the form of a massive dragon–a virtually unstoppable force that only Luthien can defeat.