291712Mirt the Moneylender, Finder the bard, Volothamp Geddarm, a Kender from the Dragonlance world of Krynn, the Wyvernspur clan.  Big names come from across the dimensions to play in the third of the Lost Gods trilogy (and the only one I own right now) Tymora’s Luck.

We return to the Realms after Finder Wyvernspur has become a god, and we are introduces to one of his priests Joel, Joel’s cursed friend Jasmine, and a kender Emilio who has somehow made his way to Sigil the City of Doors from his home world of Krynn.

Together the three of them find their way to the realm of the goddess of luck Tymora in an attempt to free Jasmine from her curse.  Unfortunately Tymora is suffering a curse of her own.  Someone is siphoning off her power and as a result good luck is running rampant in the Realms.  And apparently whatever happens to her, happens to Beshaba her twin as well.

So both good and bad luck is wreaking havoc among the mortals.  And n order to save the world, Joel, Jas, Emilio and a paladin friend of theirs Holly must travel to the hells and back to find the cause of the divine power leak, uncovering a misguided plot by teo gods to resurrect one of the dead powers Tyche.

Little bit confusing with the kender and apparently a god of Krynn interfering with Realms business, but otherwise good.

Next is the second in the Nightside series, Agents of Light and Darkness.  Ninth book for Ja No Read Mo.

155291A quest for the Unholy Grail-the goblet from which Judas drank at the Last Supper-takes private eye John Taylor deep into the secret, magical heart of London…called the Nightside.