155291Welcome back to the Nightside.  A place specifially created to be free of the restraints and rules of both heaven and hell and all the realms in between

But apparently someone forgot to tell them that.

Angels both fallen and celestial have come to the Nightside intent on razing it to the ground in search of the Unholy Grail, the cup that Judas drank out of at the Last Supper.  The only thing that atnds between them and their goal is out new favorite private eys John Taylor.

Teaming up with Shotgun Suzie, John scours the Nightside and a race against time to keep this grail out of the wrong hands.  Although its also pretty hard to tell who the right hands belong to…

Literally travelling to the moon and back, John and Suzie face off against demons, angels, a living gun made of flesh and bone, and Merlin Stanspawn himself to keep the Nightside from becoming a smear on the face of the earth.

Little dissapointed we didn;t see more of Cathy from the first book here.  John hired her on as a secretary but she only shows up on a five minute phone conversation to that was a bit of a let down.  But otherwise so far so good with the Nightside series.  Let’s see if that carries on with The Nightingale’s Lament, third in the Nightside series and tenth for Ja No Read Mo.

148213In the Nightside, the hidden heart of London where it’s always 3 AM, Detective John Taylor must find an elusive singer known as The Nightingale. Her silken voice has inexplicably lured many a fan to suicide–and Taylor is determined to stop her, before the whole neighborhood falls under her trance. But to catch the swift-winged Nightingale, he’ll have to hear the deadly music–and survive.