So the big mystery of the Nightside books to date has been the question of just who the hell is John Taylor’s mother?

John is always on the lookout for info on mother dearest, but this seems to be the first time it might truly cost him his life.  As John is hired on to investigate the origins of the Ngithside, he finds out that mummy had a hand in its very creation.  And in order to find out how and why he must figure out who.

Accompanied by a madman, a sinner, and a demon, John knocks on a much of doors, pisses off more than one big name and the Nightside and kills off another, all in trying to find out about its origins.  And all roads lead to mama.

Up until now, no one has really guessed at her identity, but here we have two powers guess that she could be Morgan Le Fay or the Celtic goddess of death war the Morrigan.  I personally guessed it was Lilith, Adams first wife and mother of demons in some circles.  And turns out I got it in one.

So now mama has returned, trying to bring her son to heel to rewrite the very fabric of reality as the Nightside knows it.

But not if her son can help it.

Really looking forward to the rest of this series, especially after a really effed up Suzie Shooter from the future comes calling, bonded to the Speaking Gun all cyborg style.

But that’s it for Ja No Read Mo 2016 folks.  Thanks for sticking with me.  Sorry I wasn’t able to hit the goal of 16 this time round, but hey there’s always next year right?  But to kill time between now and then we’ll keep chugging along.

So the goal of total books this year is 106.  Next in line is the first in the Forgotten Realms Cities trilogy, The Jewel of Turmish.

291487Alaghon — The Jewel of Turmish

Preserving the balance of nature is a way of life for Haarn Brightoak, no matter what the cost, but even his dedication to the customs of the druid is put to the test when a long-dead evil returns to the world of the living. As this vile creature gathers its undead army, Haarn must decide if he will compromise his way of life to defend the city that has never welcomed him.

The third title in the swashbuckling The Cities series, this novel explores the Vilhon Reach, an area of the Forgotten Realms world that previously had little information written about it.