291487Wasn’t really to fond of this one.  It was a relatively easy read, but it felt really flat. Seems like this would have done better as a duo or a trilogy.

So we’re first introduced to a half elf druid and a human mercenary in the forests of Turmish.  Mercenary is hunting wolves, druid wants them to stop.

Then we’re taken to a group of street urchins.  Then back to the druid and the merc, explaining that they’re hunting a man eating wolf.  Back to the urchins where one is cursed and forces to release a mohrg.  Back to the druid and the merc on the wolf hunt. Back to some priest who is given a vision from his goddess about the mohrg’s freedom.  And so on and so forth.

Lots of characters are introduced here who have little to nothing to give the story, some who could have had so much more to give, like that priest with the vision from his goddess.  I thought with such direct divine intervention, the priest or the goddess would play a pivotal role in the story, but nope.  Priest is killed in the second chapter he appears in and the goddess is never mentioned again.  And the whole thing just leaves so many questions unanswered.

Like the man eating wolf.  There are hints he was held/tortured by humans.  What happened to him in their hands?  Why did he turn to hunting humans?  Was it vengeance, necessity, or did someone/something command him?

And the mohrg. What is his story?  You know he killed a lot of people and wants to kill more, but why? And why does the god Malar (aka the Beastlord) favor him even though he is an undead creature?

The goddess Eldath who sent her vision to the priest.  Again, why did she take such a direct and hands one approach if she and her religion would not feature at all in the story?

The mohrg is guided by a werespider who is ordered by a mysterious group of mages.  Who are these mages?  What is their interest in the mohrg and his schemes?  Who do these mages serve?  Why have they sent the werespider to help him?

So much potential to expand this story and make it into an awesome series, rather than just a slapped together standalone. Oh, and the most disappointing thing?  The mohrg’s big plan to wipe out life in the land of Turmish?  Bees.  His whole plan in the end was to bring in an extra planer insect species to wipe out the bees to kill off all plant life in the land.  If the land dies, then so too does everything living on it.  But that would take years, decades even.  So you think he would lie low to accomplish his goals.


Instead he raises an undead army to attack the city labeled the Jewel of Turmish and brings every eye down on him so of course he’s killed by a hero.  Completely.  Pointless.

Anyways.  Let’s go back and see how the Nightside is getting along shall we?  Paths Not Taken, fifth in the Nightside series is next.

154105John Taylor just discovered his long-gone mother created the Nightside—the dark heart of London—and intends to destroy it. To save his birthplace, he will have to travel back through a very distant—and probably deadly—past.