13854Promise of the Witch King by R.A. Salvatore read by April 29th 2010

So! The second installment of that curious adventuring duo Jarlaxle Baenre and Artemis Entreri.

I rather enjoyed this book, but I can see where fans of the assassin would hold this book in contempt.

This story is all about defeating the relics of a lich that was destroyed roughly a decade before the events of this book take place. Jarlaxle is his surprising self, knowing everything and having a trick up his sleeve for everyone. Artemis however, we see a change coming over him. He’s not as quick to kill in this book as he has been in the past. We can see him softening in some aspects, and I am curious to see where this takes him.

We’re also introduced to the Citadel of Assassins here, and presumably they’ll feature prominently in the last segment of their story. I like to think they’ll take it over, but who knows?

Very well paced, I ripped through the book in no time and loved every minute of it! Never once had to skip ahead to better parts which I have found myself doing with the new Realms books of late. A must for Salvatore fans as well as fans of this dynamic duo.

Oh, and Happy Valentine’s Day all!