470068Another Erevis Cale trilogy, albeit this focuses on events after Cale’s transformation into a Shade.

But we’re introduced to all the old case.  Erevis, Riven, Madagon, and debn poor wee Jak, although his appearance is brief, postmortem, and a bit misleading as there was a hint he would come back.  Too bad, I was kinda hoping he wasn’t’ gone for good.

Taking place a year or so after the events of the Erevis Cale trilogy, Erevis is living in Sembia with Vera, Riven is living on the island guarding the temple that Cyric stole from Mask, and Magadon is traveling the Realms, trting to shake the influence that the Source still has on his mind.  Before he’s kidnapped by the Shadovar to awaken the ancient Mythallar which they were able to rip from the brain of the kraken it was embedded in.

The City of Shade and the Shadovar are largely in the service of the dark goddess Shar, and here on her behalf we see them taking the first steps to enact Shar’s plan upon the world: wipe out life as Faerun knows it. And how is she going to do it?  Start the Shadow War…and Shar and Mask are both deities of Shadow….

Now, Cale swore at the end of Dawn of Night the he would turn his back on his patron god for causing the death of his best friend.  But after a late night sending from the mind mage, Cale sets off to have his friend, leaving his woman Vera behind and eventually turning once again to Mask.  Finally, Cale accepts his role as the First of Mask’s Chosen Five.

And thanks to come cryptic remarks from Mask, Cale knows that the fate of the Realms is also tied into Magadon’s fate.

Going to take a break from the Shadow War for a sec and read a little stand alone, Sword of the Gods by Paul S Kemp is next.

8869599What you don’t know will kill you…
Demascus awakens surrounded by corpses, at a shrine littered with traces of demonic rituals, with no memory of his past. But the Firestorm Cabal remembers him–and the demon who leads them seems to have a personal vendetta against him. Dodging knives, uncovering clues left by his past life, and dueling demons, Demascus must figure out who he is, what battles he is fighting, and who is hunting him before one of them catches up with him.