8869599Lesson learned here.  I’m at the point of the Realms history where it does not pay to skip ahead.  I decided to break from the Twilight War trilogy because I never really like to rip through an entire trilogy at once so I decided to give Sword of the Gods a try.  Little did I realize it would jump ahead in the world timeline over 100 years!  And since this takes place after the Spellplague it was a bit disconcerting.

Anyways, I got some mixed feelings about this one.  The story was pretty good, but I couldn’t connect completely with some of the characters.

The main character Damascus is a deva, an angel who has willingly taken on mortal form, usually to serve the gods, sometimes to experience mortal life, Damascus is one of the former.  Named the Sword of the Gods (see what they did there?) Damascus serves as an assassin for the gods of all alignments, pantheons, and even worlds it seems.

Continuously reincarnated if he is killed, albeit wihout memories, we catch up on the latest of his incarnation as he searches for his lost self.  And in the process foils a demon plot to resurrect its brethren under the guise of a primordial cult called the Elder Eye with the whole thing orchestrated by a Rakshasa who has been hunting and killing Damascus throughout his incarnation.

So yeah, the story is interesting.  But there are a few issues: The Rakashasa.  Apparently this one has horns which in my mind would make him hellspawn or something with the blood of fiends in him.  The Rakshasas I usually have heard of don’t have horns, so where did the horns here come from?  Demascus:  He doesn’t act like most devas I have come across.  He’s really laid back and not very uptight, proper or formal.  I know he doesn’t have his memory in the beginning so he doesn’t know who or what he is, but I think that is something that would be inbred into a deva since they did start their lives out as angels.  And he’s really a bit of a wimp when push comes to shove.  The people he picks up along the way react with more cool and aplomb when kidnapped by a demon and facing death by being eaten alive by insects.  He freaks out and almost breaks out into tears.  Questions:  lots of unanswered questions here was well, and unless you have or like reading e books you’re S.O.L as book 2, Spinner of Lies is only on that format.  So if you want to know what else happens, break out the reading glassed and be ready to squint at an electronic screen to get it done.

Ah well. I’ll just keep to the timeline from here on out.  So now it’s back to the Twilight War trilogy with Shadowstorm next.

1143641The invasion of the arch-wizards is on!

The archwizards of Shade Enclave have come out of the desert with a message of peace, and an act of war. Split by petty disputes and causeless feuds, the merchant realm of Sembia is wide open for invasion, and with no shortage of Sembians more than happy to sell out to the Shadovar, can only one man–even if that man is Erevis Cale–do anything to stop it?