1143641Second in the Twilight War trilogy, and first apperance of Shar’s shadow war, which is really just ripping a hole in the fabric of…everything…and sucking it all away.

Cale and Riven don’t get a lot accomplished here.  They physically rescued their mind mage companion Magadon at the end of Shadowbred, only for the three of them to be drawn into the frozen hell realm of Cania where Magadon’s father Mephistopheles is lord. Cale brokers a deal with daddy dearest to get the trio out in one piece, only to have the devil disembowel his son and devour half his soul to ensure Cale keeps his side of the bargain.


So with one promise to Mask, one to Mephistopheles, and yet another to Magadon, the three return to the Plane of Shadow to try and make good on some of their debts.

Meanwhile war rages in Sembia and Tamlim Uskevren, head of the Uskevren household, underachiever and al around disappointing son, steps over the edge into worshiping Shar in a desperate bid for power.

The only forward progress made here in terms of plot is by a mad Sharran priestess who at the very end of the book fulfills her dark mistress’ orders and tears a hole between the worlds of Shadow and Toril, allowing an army of creatures to swarm through and slaughter a town of innocents.  Otherwise most of the forward progress here is character development.  Magadon faces his demonic nature and fights losing the other half of his soul to his father, a priest of Lathander questions his god and his faith, and Cale and Riven come closer to learning and understanding their god’s purpose more and more.

So after having learned my lesson last time, we’re going to march straight on the Twilight War trilogy with the last of the series Shadow Realm next.

2729396One of the Forgotten Realms world’s most compelling villains–the Archwizards of Shade–have come down from their flying city with their sights set on the merchant realm of Sembia. They come in the guise of allies, but have invasion and empire as their ultimate aim.

The fate of Sembia may be sealed, but Erevis Cale still has a shocking destiny that will end in his destruction–if he’s lucky.