2729396Something interesting I haven’t really mentioned before, but Mags has been getting a lot of monologues.  Whenever the focus shifts to him, its all first party rather than third party narration.  It’s good in that we get to see Mag’s inner conflict and how close he is to win or lose, but it is a bit disconcerting.  Unless you look at it from the perspective of perhaps Mags is the one telling us of Cale’s story.


Hoary. Shit. This, the last book in the Twilight War saga….well it blew my mind really.

First and foremost, the obvious happens.  Cale and Riven defeat the heretical first First of Mask Kesson Rel with the help of the Shadovar prince Rivalen.  Most of Sembia is lost however, as the shadow storm drained or mutilated all life it came across, and what survived was given over to the Shadowvar to rule to save it from being destroyed outright should the newly divine Cale, Riven, and Rivalen destroy it in battle. See Kesson Rel stole a piece of Mask’s divinity and to get it back the three have to kill him and each take a piece of it into themselves so they can all survive his death. This of course if only possible because Magadon lost his mind to the Mythallar known as the Source. coming along with Sakkors, an ancient Netheril flying citadel.

Mask dies at the end, and we learn his real name for the first time, as well as the fact that Shar is essentially his mother.  She took on an avatar and gave birth to him much like Mystra did with her Chosen.  This opens up the path to a new Lord of Theives, which I think is going to be Riven as he’s still semi divine and Cale is killed by Mephistopholes.  Though Riven does rend the devil limb from limb and there are strong hings that not is all as it seems with Cale’s death and it’s suspected that he has a son out there somewhere.

Lots of feels at the end here too.  This is the last trilogy before the Year of Blue Fire and the Spellplague that changed so much of the world I love.  (I have to wonder if and how exactly this ties into Shar’s plan to kill Mystra ten years after the main events of this book take place) The epilogue also touches on the next trilogy, Abolithic Sovereignty.  In the end Magadon tells us how he lives one hundred years after the events of this book and how he ‘comes to the shoreline of the Abolithic Sovereignty’.

5649385Blue fire sears the face of Faerûn, leaving the twisted and mutilated dead in its wake. But a rare few escape death–and suffer some mystical mutation. Raidon Kane is one of those who survives, the wake of blue fire burning the sigil of the amulet he wears into his chest and binding him with all the power and responsibility it entails. With everyone he knows and cares about dead, Raidon must find within himself the strength to lead the fight against the rise of an elder evil the likes of which would be the end of mortal kind.