7176578Beatrice and Virgil by Yann Martel. Read by unknown date.

A powerful Holocaust love story, with the main characters a donkey named Beatrice and a Howler Monkey named Virgil.

The main character is a man named Henry who wrote one book successfully and failed when he attempted to write another. When a fan sends him a piece of a play they were working on and pleads for help, Henry is compelled to seek them out and aid in whatever way he can.

Turns out the fan is a taxidermist, and the play is about Beatrice and Virgil. Henry befriends the taxidermist, and gets much more than he bargained for.

The scenes in the taxidermist shop were a little drawn out, as there were a lot of animals in that store and they had to be examined in explicit detail, but it was still wonderfully detailed and written.

There is not much else to say except I cannot stress enough how powerful and moving this book is, especially when Beatrice is taken captive and tortured, or the end when everything comes together and all you can really say is “oh my god”. Loved it.