6739833Raise an ancient citadel filled with millenia old creatures apparently.  Though to be fair that wasn’t his intent.

We reuinite with Raidon Kane and his associates here in the second of the Abolithic Sovereignity trilogy, and they face a daunting task ahead of them.  Since absconding with the abolith relic known as the Dreamheart and Anusha at the end of Plague of Spells, Kane and company search for the star crossed duo in hopes of retriving the relic and preventing the Eldest abolith from awakening.

But too much use of the Dreamheart by too many people has…well not awoken the Eldest, but has stirred him up enough that he cannot be easily subdued now.  So the only choice for the monk, wizard and pirate captain is to travel to the abolith city of Xxiphu, which is somewhere in the bowels of the earth, to prevent the end of the world.  First!  A side trip to the realm of Elemental Chaos to catch a school of fishies that can swim through air, earth, and fire as well as water.

They have to ‘fight’ Japeth, who makes a devil’s pact with his fey master the Lord of Bats in order to save Anusha and refuses to let anyone or anything stand in his path.  After her mind was sucked into the Dreamheart, it found a new focus with the Eldest itself, and only by traveling to Xxiphu and signing a new pact with creature older than aboliths is he able to free his lady love from this underground Lovecraftian horror show, chased by the Lord of Bats and a priestess of the Sovereignty. The kraken from Plague of Spells shows up again, and an epic air battle ensues. We also get proof of the suspicion that Anusha is a crazy powerful psion when she awakens from her dream prison and is able not only to solidify her dream form, but another’s as well.

Lots of action going on, and lots of secrets come forth here.  Turns out the lady wizard is actually a fugitive from Thay, looking to amass a fortune to buy back her life from from the lich who rules there.  The pirate captain is half kuo-toa, possibly decended from their goddess or a tainted version of her. The reason why Raidon Kane has so much rage in him now is because he was half mad from the death of his daughter, and descending into the city of Xxiphu pushed him over the edge.  Only the sentient blade that he found in Plague of Spells allows him to keep his sanity, albeit we’re not too sure of the cost of that as of yet.

And at the end of it all Xxiphu rises, although we’re not entirely sure how or why. I suspect the priestess they left in the city has something to do with it, but since the party was free from the city before it arose we’re not sure.

I really think there is a really, REALLY big Plan going on here.  The death of Mystra, two abolith sovreignity priests running around, and now one of their cities has been resurrected? Yeah.  We got some major string pulling here, and I really hope that the last book, Key of Stars has most if not all the answers.

8467298Raidon Kane survived his clash against the eldest aboleth, but came away with his mind shattered. Destiny hands Raidon one last chance to avert the Abolethic Sovereignty’s agenda, but only if he can find within himself the strength to care. Raidon, the warlock Japheth, and Anusha, a young woman whose dreams are made real, must find Key of Stars before it is used to open the Far Manifold, and all reality drowns in a tide of horrific insanity.