8467298Last in the Abolithic Sovereignty trilogy, everything comes to a head and sadly my prediction doesn’t come true.

We come back to Raidon Kane and company healing from their last encounter with the abolith city of Xxiphu.  Raidon is getting drunk every night, pirate captain Thoster is trying to get his ship repaired, the Thayan wizard Seren is figuring out how to amass a new fortune when her old one is compromised, the warlock Japeth is creating a golem body for Anusha’s dream friend Yeva, and Anusha seems to be the only one willing to face the threat Xxiphu represents.

But eventually the group draw up plans to return to the city of eldritch horrors and tackle the threat that the city represents.  Half of them stay on Faerun at first to watch the city and see what transpires while the rest travel to the Feywild to track the eldarin Malyana.

A few interesting tidbits come to light here, but a lot of questions are left unanswered.  Apparently Malyana was a disciple of Carnis, the Traitor from Stardeep, and is herself a lady of a watchtower of the void that the aboliths hail from, so that was a nice tie in to the book Stardeep.  Raidon’s mother is alive and relatively well which was an interesting development and a little bit of tugging on the heartstrings.  Anusha continues to prove just how powerful of a psion she is and she doesn’t really hit the end of her limits here so you’re not sure just what she can and cannot do.

But the mysterious curse afflicting captain Thoster is NOT at all what I thought it would be, in fact it ended in pretty much the exact opposite place of where it seemed to be leading.  Seren disappears and her story line isn’t really resolved which I was a bit disappointed with.  The Lord of Bats surprisingly comes to their rescue.   And exactly who and what Yeva is remains a mystery.

Good story, but it’s a bit of a disjointed and disappointing ending because there are so many little things that I want to know about that I’m just left hanging on.  So a bit of a sad face there.  But otherwise it wasn’t too bad.

Up next is a little stand alone in the Realms world. Dawnbringer is by Samantha Henderson

9152556Two angels given mortal flesh are sent to guard two star-crossed lovers, born scions of rival merchant houses. At first, it looks as though love will conquer all, and the rift will finally be mended. But there are those who hate the word peace with a passion so much that it poisons everything they touch, corrupting house to turn against house, mother to turn against child, and angel to turn against angel.

Dawnbringer is the perfect meld between classic and contemporary fantasy, with shades of Romeo and Juliet, told from the perspective of guardian angels, in a world where sorcery and monsters are commonplace.