6676743Read: May 15th 2010. Author: A.E Moorat

Honestly, when I picked this book up, I was expecting something along the lines of Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter, a cross between biography and fiction. I was plesantly surprised.

The author, as they put it, “plays fast and loose” with the historical timeline but does try to keep some basic events true, such as the relationship between Queen Elizabeth and Prince Albert.

The gist of this story is that there is a shadow war going on between humans and demons, of which a very few humans are chosen, trained, and appointed to proect the royal family against the demon threat. Never before as a monarch taken part in their own protection, and the Protektors and in for a surprise when they bring a young Queen Elizabeth into the fold, as she refuses to take a passive role in the protection of herself or the realm, even more so when her beloved is kidnapped by the demons she has sworn to destroy.

I loved one of the main characters, a Protektor named Maggie Brown. She’s a tough talking butt-whuppin Scot and one of the most colorful and fun characters in the story, with Queen Elizabeth coming a close second. The other characters are either not around enough or unmemorable and two dimensional, so we cannot really form an opinion on them.

The cover is a bit misleading, as at first glance it leads you to belive that this is another zombie story, but in fact while zombies do play an imprtant role in one part of the story, for the most part they take a back burner through most of the book. Turns out they’re the result of the chemical experimentation of a duke of some sort.

What I enjoyed most was the origin story of the demons. Apparently when Lucifer was thrown out of heaven, he partied on earth for a bit with his lieutenants before decending into hell. When he left he told his right hand man Bhaal to continue his work on earth, and it is the descendants of Bhaal that are the demons plaguing the realm. They can take on human form and integrate themselves into all parts of society, as well as breed with humans.

I liked that part, the fact that the demons are not all powerful, that they can grow old and die like humans lends a balance to the story. And the best part was how they tied in the Royal Families of England with the decendants of Bhaal. That was really fun.

Evenly paced, with some fun gory bits to keep us entertained when it otherwise might become boring. Not a book to be taken seriously, but rather an overall fun read.