So in the campaign where I play my human barbarian Elga, the party was caught in a psychic trap and each character learned something deep and dark about another.  Elga unwittingly revealed her greatest fear to the party’s drow bard Surina:

Surina shivers and wraps her arms around herself, trying to block out the bite of the chill wind that blows across the seemingly barren steppe around her.  A figure crosses her field of view.  She recognizes Elga, wrapped in a cloak, head down, trudging forward into the wind.  Occasionally she looks up and around her, seeming to search for something before returning her gaze towards the ground.  Surina looks as well, but sees no landmarks.  The snow is too thick to see far, but she does see shapes in the swirling snow, silhouettes of figures familiar and alien. Elga seems to catch sight of them as well, crying out and rushing forward and Surina is pulled along with her.  But no matter how fast or far Elga runs the figures get no closer.  She yells herself hoarse but they do not turn to her.  When she slows from fatigue and the snow thickens and hides them from her, she bows her head and continues her trek.

Surina watches as Elga walks, unceasing and unending. She watches her companion trying over and over again to catch up to or gain the attention of the figures that are fleetingly suggested in the distance one minute, only to be swallowed up by the blowing snow and howling wind the next. And she watches the years pass in Elga’s face as she swiftly grows older.  From warrior, to matron, to elder, then crone.
Finally, Elga stops, clutching the now tattered cloak close to her frail chest with her bony hands, wisps of her thin grey hair whipping in the wind.  Her eyes are cloudy so she has to squint into the wind, but she either can still see the silhouettes, or just senses that they’re there.  She reaches out one last time to the figures in the distance and calls out one name.  When no response comes, she lets her arm fall to her side as a single tear rolls down her wrinkled cheek.  Then with a small sigh she closes her eyes and drifts down to the ground, where she lies unmoving as the snow covers her body and everything grows dark.

It is only after the telepathic link ends that Surina can recognize what she felt as she watched her friend die.  The atmosphere of the steppe was heavy and she realizes the Elga’s emotions had bleed out into the very air around them, and all of a sudden everything makes sense.  Why Elga cleaves so fiercely to members of the Mistfits the moment they join the group.  Why she defends so vigorously those that lend the Misfits aid.  Why she throws herself into battle, heedless of the consequences, trying to be everywhere and to protect everyone at once.
Surina realizes that Elga is afraid.  This strong, loud, brazen, fierce, loyal, seemingly indomitable woman’s greatest fear is of being -and dying- alone.