20721959Taking a bit of a break, here.  Got the latest Egyptian book by Wilbur Smith and I just couldn’t wait to read it so here we are.

Latest in the Egypt series by Wilbur Smith, I just completely and randomly stumbled across this book while shopping for others and for the most part was not disappointed.

We reunite with the eunuch Taita several years after the events of The Quest.  His beloved queen Lostris is dead.  Her son is now king in his turn and her daughters are of marrying age.

But Egypt is still split.  The Hyskos invaders still rule in the North, while Taita and his family rule in the South and fight an unending war to reclaim the lost half of their kingdom.

And with their treasuries running low, only a mad scheme by Taita to steal silver and risky alliance with Crete and Babylon can save his beloved Egypt.  Alliance sealed through the marriages of the princesses.

 This installment was actually a little disjointed it seemed.  There was no clearly defined and goal, just a series of objective that were achieved after several other obstacles were overcome.  It was interesting to be sure, and we learn something stunning about Taita’s background and heritage, but the end was left very open.  The princesses kinda just ride off into the sunset with their lovers and Taita is set to return to Egypt alone and tell their brother that they are dead. The End.

 Just not the ending I was expecting at all…

Back to the Realms next, with Swordmage, first in the Blades of the Moonsea trilogy by Richard Baker.

2892113When a wandering swordmage, trained by the elves of Myth Drannor, returns to his boyhood home on the windswept shores of the Moonsea, he finds that corruption has taken hold, leaving his friends and family open to a devastating evil.