2429135Author: Steig Larsson. Read: May 25 2010

This book has been all the rage lately, and I can see why. Normally I am not into suspense or mystery books, but this one was able to catch my interest and keep me going through most of the book.

Most of the characters are well developed, especially the main female Lisbeth Salander. A troubled and troubling young woman, Lisbeth is the top PI for a security firm with a photographic memory and her own moral compass. We see her evolve through the book, through both mundane and traumatic events, from a sullen young woman who is a veritable social outcast with no care for the rules or conventions of polite society into a woman who might be capable of redemption.

The premise is that a disgraced financial reporter is called upon by an aging, wealthy business tycoon to look into the dissapearance and supposed murder of his neice over a decade ago. We follow the reporter Mickal for one year of his life as he looks into the past and trys to discover what happened to the young woman Harriet, and he makes some pretty gruesome discoveries about the family along the way while he befriends the young Lisbeth.

Lisbeth was the best thing about this book for me though. I just love her character.

Incredibly well written, its the type of book where even though you’ve hit a stale point story wise, the imagery and the writing style sustain you until the story picks up again.

All in all a great read.