2892113So this is the second time reading Swordmage, and the first time I did not like it very much at all.  The preview on the back leads you to think that the whole thing is about this mysterious King in Copper and the undead in general, when really they just play a small role in this story.  First in the Blades of the Moonsea trilogy, Swordmage obviously has a bigger goal in mind, and neither The King in Copper or his undead minions seem to play a role in it.

I understand you need to get readers interested in the story, but it just felt very misleading as a whole.

And spare me love struck fools! UGH!  The main character Geran Hulmaster spends most of the book mooning over his lose elven love, whom he met in the city of Myth Drannor and was subsequently banished from when a duel over aforementioned love went bad. And all he can do is bitch and moan about it.  Blech.

Meanwhile Geran has bigger thing to worry about than a vapid, squeamish elf maiden who probably never really truly loved him to begin with.  Returning home to the port city of Hulberg, Geran finds is uncle ailing, one step cousin scheming, and the other trying to keep the city from falling apart, which is hard to do with greedy lavascious merchants crying out at the slightest offence and acting like they put their pants on eny different than anyone else.

 And a mysterious shadow group inciting –and successfully launching- a war between Hulberg and the local orcs, ogres, and other such gobin/humanoids should leave Geran little time to worry about anything other than saving the hides of his friends, his family, his town, and ultimately himself.

One more wee side track.  Been reading this in snips and snaps and finally got it done.  Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition Monster Manual is next.

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