A few years ago, my now ex boyfriend was reading a series called the Dresden Files by Jim Butcher, and he kept encouraging me to read it.  I kept putting him off, saying I had too many other things on my plate to pick it up just then, but with it being books and all, eventually I caved in.

And boy am I glad I did.

We’re introduced to Harry Dresden, a wizard living in Chicago who hires himself out as a paranormal investigator to the Chicago P.D whenever anything weird goes down.  Abandoned by his mother as a child, it was just Harry and his dad, a magician of the store bought kind, for the longest time afterwards until his father passed on when he was just a teenager.

Harry lives in the basement apartment in a subdivision of Chicago, with his cat Mister and a fully functioning wizard’s lab complete with a talking skull housing an air spirit in the sub basement.  Later on in the series Harry also winds up adopting a Fu Dog as well…or actually a Fu Dog adopts him instead.

Harry’s liaison with the police department is a blonde woman called Karren Murphy.  I would call her perky, but that would be wrong and she would kill me.  She’s one of those tough, no nonsense female cops who had to climb up through the ranks has fiercely as she could to get even half as much respect as her male counterparts.  Needless to say, we discover early on that Harry’s got a bit of a thing for her but so far neither have acted on it and we’re about 15 books in.

But despite the unrequited love story, or perhaps because of it, Harry does not see anything against finding other means of human companionship, something that kinda comes back to bite him in the ass later on.

Now Harry has a bit of a smart mouth on him, a dry sense of humor and he can think quick on his feet thankfully.  Kind of need to with the characters he goes up against.  And he goes up against some heavy hitters.  Witches, werewolves, vampires, and even the faerie queen of Winter herself, Mab, and he still comes out swinging.  Thankfully.

So!  Where to begin here?  We’ve got a lot of back story to cover.  I think instead of taking you folks through book by book, I’ll just lay out the big points to catch your interest and you can take it from there.

Okay let’s start off with Harry’s family.  When we first meet him we are told he is an orphan, mum and dad both dead or gone, with no one else he can rely on.  Well first off that’s not entirely true.  We discover a few books in that Harry’s mum ran off and shacked up with a vampire lord, and bore him at least one child, Harry’s half brother Thomas, who just so happens to be a White Vampire, a vampire who feeds off of human emotions.

Oh yeah, there are three types of vampires in the world: Red Vampires, who drink blood; Black Vampires who are very much the inspiration and typecasted from Bram Stoker’s Dracula; and White Vampires which you already know cuz I just told you about them…

Moving on, so yeah, turns out mummy dearest ran off and procreated once more, but we’re not told why just yet.  And mummy has a deep dark secret of her own.  Things are hinting very strongly that mum is actually the ancient sorceresses  Morgan LeFay.  This would explain his homicidal fairy god mother on his shoulder.

Yeah…Harry has a fairy godmother.  Figure that one out.  Turns out the world of faerie is relatively easy to traverse if you know the highways and byways like Harry does, and his fairy god mother has a bit of a homicidal streak to her.  She says that she made a promise to Harry’s mum to guide him, protect him, and make him stronger.  Apparently, she thinks she’s doing that.  If he gets maimed in the process…well…that builds character don’t you know.

And Harry creates his own family in a way.  Poor guy winds up falling for this one woman who is turned into a Red Vampire and runs off to a Red Vampire sanctuary where she can learn to control her urges and not…y’know…kill random people.  But a few years later she pops back into the picture needing Harry help to save their daughter.

Yeah, their daughter.  Turns out she was preggers when she left, and decided to keep this information from the wizard father with abandonment issues and crazy capacity for power when he needs it.  Not. Smart.

Long story short for this one, Harry winds up saving his daughter, losing his former love, and wiping out one race of vampire from the face of the earth.  Good job Harry!

Too bad you die at the end.

Well, we assume he dies.  The last book I’ve read, Changes, it appears that he gets shot and died, but we don’t know for sure, and we won’t know until Ghost Story, book number 13 in the series.  If you want to know what order to read them in, visit me here.

So there we are folks!  Aside from the usual side bits and bobs, that’s the twelve books of the Dresden Files.  From here on out it’s all new stuff that we’ll be exploring together.

Enjoy folks.  I know I will.