49384First in the Elminster series by Ed Greedwood, Making of a Mage was read by June 2nd 2010.

For those who know the Forgotten Realms, you also know about Elminster the Sage of Shadowdale. One of the greatest mages within the history of the world as well as a Chosen of the Mother of Magic, the goddess Mystra.

This is a really good start to one of the most iconic characters of the Forgotten Realms world. Here we are introduced to Elminster as a young child, just before his mother and father are killed by a magelord of the kingdom of Athalantar. And we stand beside him as he discovers his heritage as the last prince of the realm that destroyed his family.

Both these events shape Elminster drastically, but nothing more so than meeting the goddess of magic herself in the flesh, and having her lay a path of knowledge before him, a path that would lead to vengeance for his slain family, and an eternal life of love and service to a goddess who demanded nothing more or less than for her people to learn more of the world around them.

I liked the love story between Mystra and Elminster. It explains much of how and why he became her Chosen. Because when you think about it, how else can you serve your goddess in the way that Elminster does here and throughout the centuries if you did not know and love her as a woman?