6261477First non fiction book in a long, long time and it’s a biography about a cat.  Read by June 3rd 2010.

This is not your typical Homer’s Odyssey, with gods and demigods playing with the lives of mortal men at sea. Rather this is the story of a cat who overcomes remarkable odds and shows us that there are no obstacles in life that cannot be overcome.

A young kitten is brought into a veterinary clinic, with an infection in the eyes that is so far advanced his eyes need to be removed to save his life. This of course proves a quandary to the vet and associates once the operation is complete. For if the kitten recovers, who in their right mind would want to adopt a blind cat?

Fate saw fit to introduce the tiny, blind kitten to a woman by the name of Gwen Cooper who named the black ball of fur Homer, and together they made a happy, healthy life together. For despite his lack of eyes, young Homer was able to live life like a cat with full vision, providing he was given enough time to study his surrounding in his own way.

And being blind had no effect on this little one’s courage, or devotion, for one night as he and his owner slept, someone broke into their home and made it to their bedroom where Homer did not hesitate to attack the intruder in defense of his home and his mistress.

The introduction is actually rather interesting. It was written by the vet that performed the operation on little Homer. It gave the book an interesting start and an inner look into the world of animal doctors.

All in all a wonderful story of determination, faith -and above all else- love.